Update History Tab

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Update History Tab

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The update history tab presents a table of all historical package update operations performed by the extension, most recent first. The total number of historical updates is displayed on the tab out. The update history table includes the following columns:


Date: the date and time of the update operation


omanual: update manually performed using the extension user interface

oautomatic: auto-update performed by the extension

CVE IDs: a list of CVE IDs selected for the update


Clicking on a row of this table expands that row vertically to show details of the particular update operation, as seen in the image below:




Update details include:


Selected Vulnerabilities: the vulnerabilities selected to be fixed. The rightmost column of this table indicates whether or not the system is currently vulnerable to this CVE.

Updated Packages: a list of packages updated by this operation, showing the original and updated package versions. If any dependent package updates were required, these are also shown in their own section.

Imunify QuickPatch IDs: these identify the system and update operation. This information is shown as a reference in case needed when contacting Imunify QuickPatch support.