User Interface

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User Interface

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Once the extension is activated, it presents a user interface such as the one in the image below, taken from the Imunify QuickPatch+ version. The Imunify QuickPatch version does not include controls for fixing vulnerabilities.


Each time the main page is loaded or refreshed, the extension checks to see if the system configuration has changed. If so, it automatically rescans the system for vulnerability analysis. You do not need to worry about performing manual scans.




The UI includes a summary section on the top and three tabs beneath:


Vulnerabilities: this tab shows all of the vulnerabilities currently affecting the system

Packages: this tab shows all of the packages currently installed on the system

Update History (Imunify QuickPatch+ version): this tab shows a history of package update operations performed by the extension to fix vulnerabilities


An overview of each of these is presented below.